Associations, Institutions and Societies

Membership Audit and Benchmarking

Metra Martech specialises in industrial and economic analysis. Based in London, the company has been established for over forty years. World class industrial and commercial companies as well as government departments use Metra Martech. With our multilingual research team we work outside UK as well as internally.
Metra staff are technically qualified and experienced in the use of Market Research in business development, diversification, innovation and marketing.

  • We offer a low cost, high value, membership audit to Associations, Institutions and Chambers of Commerce.
  • Benchmarking and preparation of comparative data is an important part of our work.

Metra Martech has the expertise derived from extensive project work to devise penetrating questionnaires, and the resources including the specialist software to make quantitative analyses and effective presentations. We have the experience to draw out and communicate key insights - and as a result offer high quality research and a flexible approach. We aim to be swift, efficient and cost effective


  • Database search (Metra and on-line), telephone and face-to-face interviews, focus groups, statistical analysis and trend forecasts. We use postal, fax or email questionnaires when the sample base is very clearly defined and where respondents can be shown that there is benefit when they reply.


  • Customer Satisfaction, Quality and "Best in Class"
  • Market Quantification and Description
  • Technical Assessment viability
  • Channel evaluations

Core strengths are breadth and depth of business experience, allied to analytical skills in technical and market related subjects, in UK and in an international context.

Metra is a member of the Management Consultancies Association and a registered IMC practice. We work within the Code of the Market Research Society.