Chemicals and Processes

Some of Metra Martech's work has spanned broad areas such as the applications of industrial gums.
Other work has been much more specific in sector or performance categories such as :

Industrial Chemicals :

  • solvents
  • specialist dry cleaning chemicals
  • lubricant additives
  • paper sector chemicals
  • water treatment methods and materials
  • aspects of coating technology
  • degreasing agents
  • metal coatings
  • cement additives
  • plastic additives
  • catalysts
  • special medical applications
  • exposure to hazard chemicals in the workplace

Food Industry :

  • thickeners
  • gelling agents
  • disinfectants
  • nutrients
  • acidulants
  • flavours and fragrances

Laboratory and production techniques in a variety of sectors have included work in :

  • gas detection
  • measurement
  • chromatography
  • irradiation
  • electrophoresis
  • electro-chemical processes in battery cells
  • laser and sonic/ultra sonic techniques.

Metra Martech has published a number of databases on European Centres of Activity. One of these is concerned with the development of Waste and Wastewater Treatment.