Metra Martech projects have approached the subject from both the market side and the technical perspective.
Peter Gorle the Managing Director comes from an aeronautical background which has led to a series of Aerospace projects such as :
Metra Martech experience in the coatings sector is interestingly varied. The sort of project that we have carried out is described below.

Factory Environment
Several studies - the environmental problem connected with coatings including recycling and use of catalysts.

We have worked in the Aerospace (aircraft maintenance etc.) and Automotive fields (particularly repairs) with projects covering current legislation, practices, changing needs of equipment as well as consumables etc.

Further work on surface cleaning has covered energy costs and alternatives to solvents.

Metra Martech staff includes chemical and production people who are familiar with the processes involved.

As a peripheral addition to the relevant experience, Metra Martech has a database on the European Centres of Experience in Advanced Materials and another in Water and Wastewater Treatment. These provide us with first class contacts to academic and commercial organisations in the field.