Customer Care Management

Metra Martech’s Customer studies assess how your organisation compares with the competition on the key choice criteria and on Customer Service.
These studies help identify changing customer needs leading to Customer Care programmes linked to Corporate Quality goals. This quantified awareness gives organisations a competitive advantage.

Metra has specially developed Customer Measurement techniques, some examples and their output are detailed below.

Sector Region Result
Engineering Components All Europe On-going Customer Plan
Machinery Company Germany, France, Italy, Spain UK New Customer Care Plan
Government Department UK New approach to range of assistance offered
Software Company Germany, France, Italy, Spain UK Focus on Dissatisfied Customers
Telecom Company Germany, Italy, France, UK On-going Improvement Plan
Marine Suppliers Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Taiwan, PR China Sales!
Marine Equipment World Focus on Spares Policy
Machine Tool Manufacturer Europe, Far East, USA New Sales Agreement in Korea
Military Research UK Improved Relationship with Industry
Pharmaceutical Supplier Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK Combined Distribution
Medical Equipment Supplier France, Germany, Italy, UK New Financing Structure of Purchasing
Aircraft Materials France, Germany, Italy, UK, Sweden New Local Agency Agreement
Paper Industry France, Germany, UK New Options on Distribution Channels
Software Supply Western Europe Problem area identified and fixed
Software Supply Western Europe New Emphasis on VAR
Retail and Distribution System UK Problem area identified and fixed
Engineering Equipment UK/World Monthly Survey
Trade Association UK New emphasis on members' views
IT Services UK Quarterly Survey