Defence and Aerospace

Metra Martech projects have approached these two subjects from both the market side and the technical perspective. In addition to Mechanical, Electrical Engineer and Aeronautical backgrounds, the Senior Consultant team has a military background. This has led to a series of Defence projects such as :

  • The use of composite materials in European aircraft and in sub-assemblies manufactured in Europe for American companies.
    The project involved short term forecasting for numbers of aircraft types to be built as well as longer term views on the technology to be used and sites of real centres of expertise.
  • Conversion of military observation technology to civilian use.
  • Assessment of medium-sized US defence based companies for acquisition.
  • Assistance in setting up an agency network in the defence field.
  • Assessment of a small commercial aircraft made from advanced materials - with a view to recommendations on a manufacturing licence.
  • Centres for maintenance of large aircraft.
  • Materials for cabin fitments, floors etc.
  • Marine equipment markets and developments in sectors such as large diesels, deck machinery, desalination, fuel systems and the use of GPS.
  • Researching relationships between Government and Private Sector defence activities.

Clients include, for example, Qinetiq and Dstl.