Electrical Storage, Transmission and Distribution

Electrical Storage :

This is a broad subject in which Metra Martech has a variety of experience. At the heavy end, we have worked on uninterruptible power supplies and standby systems for hospitals, hybrid source situations etc.
We have examined the motive power choice (from diesel to gas turbine) and the end user organisation requirements.
At the lighter end we have worked on a selection of electro chemical combinations in applications demanding short bursts of high energy through to long life, low energy output.
These applications have included medical, military, aerospace and domestic situations. Automotive and health and safety regulated applications have also been investigated.
Disposal and recycling - particularly heavy metals have been studied.

Transmission and Distribution :

  • Large Transformers Generation/Transmission Europe
  • Transformers for Distribution - Europe
  • Maintenance of Heavy Electrical Machinery
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Level of Unplanned Downtime - Electricity Utilities Europe
  • Railway Electrification
  • Incentives for Self Generation
  • Several Studies on aspects of CHP
  • Various Studies - Cables and Cabling
  • Electrical Switchgear
  • A Variety of Studies on Controls and Installations
  • Standby Power Supplies
  • Repairs and Maintenance of Large Electrical Machinery Study of Opportunity
  • Domestic Equipment Standards - UK, USA