Electrical and Control Market

Metra Martech's Managing Director Peter Gorle is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer.

Experience covers subjects such as :

  • Transformers and Control Gear
  • Maintenance of Heavy Electrical Machinery
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Plcs and Industrial Computers
  • Levels of Unplanned Downtime Electricity Utilities - Europe
  • Sensors
  • Oilfield Monitoring
  • Incentives for Self Generation
  • Broadband Networks, Bridgers, Routers
  • Railway Electrification
  • Air Conditioning Controls
  • Pumps and Other Process Machinery Controls
  • Several studies on Aspects of CAP
  • Various Studies - Cables and Cabling
  • Various studies on Machine Tools and Automation
  • Scanning and coding devices and development of systems in retail and production engineering
  • Various studies on Positioning, Conveying and Handling
  • Various studies on Commercialisation of research projects in Materials, Controls, etc.