Energy and Power

Metra Martech Studies on energy sources have included work as specialist subcontractor working with organisations such as BRE or ETSU (as it was) or as main contractor for private sector or Government bodies on for example :

  • Coal oil slurries
  • Hybrid renewable energy systems in developing countries
  • The cost effect of phasing out nuclear electricity generation
  • Comparison of down time in the electricity supply systems
  • Opportunities for UK renewable energy companies overseas
  • Development of offshore wind farms
  • The effects of the UK Government's NFFO policy
  • Joint venture contracting
  • Railroad electrification projects
  • Competitiveness of the UK renewable energy sector
  • The effectiveness of Local Authority promotion of energy saving

Studies on products and processes related to energy have included :

  • Demand and specification differences, transformers and control gear at the levels of generation, transmission and distribution
  • Repair of heavy electrical rotating machinery
  • Maintenance services for steam generation plant
  • Standby power systems
  • Advanced battery systems
  • Building management systems
  • Materials and systems for gas distribution
  • Developments in lighting

Recycling and conservation of material from :

  • packaging and paper
  • automotive scrap including plastics
  • other steel scrap
  • etc.

Emission control - flue gas analysis

  • Gypsum and the building markets
  • Environmental impact assessments in EC
  • Choice burner and fuel type for industrial drying.

Several projects have been carried out on energy efficient processes in for example the paper and cement industries, and the impact of future legislation on energy costs (eg reduction of CO2 emissions, or of permitted EC subsidy levels). Metra Martech also has good experience in the oil industry - from exploration to extraction.