Metra Martech has experience in air, water and noise in both building environments and external pollution. Project examples include surveys on subjects such as :

  • Assessment of factory environment conditions in Europe, together with the methods used to alleviate problems of dust, smoke, fumes, etc.
  • Safety in enclosed spaces, and the need for special equipment and careful training.
  • Use of catalysts in purification processes.
  • Remote monitoring of emissions for purposes of environmental control.
  • Emission control - flue gas analysis.
  • Reduction in use of heavy metals.
  • Fuel filtration oil/water purification.
  • The cost of reducing NOx levels by detuning industrial burners.
  • Recovery of low grade heat by industry.
  • Several projects on aspects of insulation against noise and heat transmission.
  • Recycling and conservation of material from :
  • packaging and paper
  • automotive scrap including plastics
  • other steel scrap
  • etc

  • The impact of changing energy prices on key sectors of UK industry.
  • Boiler maintenance.
  • Fuel choice for dryers and evaporators.
  • Renewable energy competitiveness.

Studies have been carried out for government as a background to legislation as well as for manufacturers and users. Metra Martech has a Europe-wide database on Centres of Expertise in Water and Wastewater treatment. Environmental Impact Assessment - Metra Martech compared the state of readiness to implement EC EIA Directives in the main EC countries.