Food Industry

Metra Martech's Food Industry experience in marketing and business research projects covers the entire chain of the food industry, from agricultural commodities and food ingredients, through processed food and drink products, packaging and technology, to food distribution and retailing.

Closely tied in with the work in Food and Packaging are projects in chemicals and materials, two other areas in which Metra Martech specialises.

Environmental questions are another area which is closely allied to the whole chain from agriculture to packaging. Metra Martech works in both Air and Water Quality and Treatment, and has experience in the subjects of waste and recycling.

Examples of Metra Martech Projects in Food and Packaging :

  • Food Processing and Packaging Machinery - Customer Attitude Survey.
  • Fruit and Vegetables - Market opportunities in Europe and the Middle East for a major multi-national.
  • Fruit Juice and Other Citrus Products - A European market opportunity study, for an Italian government organisation.
  • Flavours and Fragrances - Customer attitudes and perceptions, for a supplier of aroma chemicals.
  • Dairy Products - European image study for a major equipment supplier.
  • Ingredients - An analysis of the major European food ingredient suppliers, for an ingredients company.
  • Cheese - An analysis of the European cheese market, for a machinery manufacturer.
  • Enzymes - appraisal of the performance of a manufacturer, part of a joint venture plan.
  • Dairy Products and Fats - Market opportunities in selected European countries, for a packaging supplier.
  • Packaging Machinery - European market study for a major packaging machinery company.
  • EC Quotas - development of options for a manufacturer.
  • Meat Processing - description of the market structure in specific European countries and USA - leading to identification of candidates for acquisition.
  • Sterilisation Processes - preliminary assessment of the alternatives including irradiation and the effect on packaging and distribution.
  • Packaging Machinery - strategic analysis of the activities of the main players.
  • Gels and Thickeners - market description and development of marketing plan.
  • Ice Cream - several studies including distribution, ingredients and machinery.
  • Shellfish and Canned Fish - farming and processing opportunities.
  • Countertrade - the Metra Martech report on countertrade has been widely distributed.
  • Labelling/coding for distribution and retailing, scanners, systems etc.
  • Packaging Safety - aspects of packaging design.
  • Labelling Initiatives from consumer protection and information
  • GM Food ingredients.