Interview Techniques

Successful market research involves identification of sources and application of the most appropriate method of data collection. The main methods used by Metra are described below. Analysis and interpretation are even more critical in this type of work than in the consumer product field because results from several different sources may need to be pieced together.

Personal Interviews - One on One
There is often a need for face-to-face interviewing. This arises where something has to be shown, where very sensitive or exact matters need to be discussed, or perhaps where a small number of very knowledgeable people will provide the key to subsequent more quantifiable interviewing.

Metra consultants often carry out personal interviews at the start of a project as part of the orientation process. Some projects are entirely carried out using face-to-face interviews.

Telephone Interviews
Controlled telephone interviewing, using a well designed questionnaire, provides an economic and flexible method of obtaining a great deal of data and wide ranging views from a geographically dispersed sample. A carefully managed telephone interview provides a useful forum for both the enquiror and the person at the other end of the line. Metra has a trained team which works from a centrally controlled telephone facility. We interview in the local language, at the locally convenient time.

Focus Groups and Discussion Groups
Focus groups provide early indications of the way that sectors of the market are thinking. They do not usually provide enough data to replace interviewing. Metra Martech recruits and manages specialist groups.

Self Completion - Postal, Fax and e-mail Questionnaires
Metra Martech uses the self completion approach when we can reasonably assume or generate a good response, and where complex specialist data is needed from identified interested groups. Often this entails preparatory and follow-up telephone calls.

The electronic versions provide a simple route for the busy decision taker who is frequently using a computer. The format and analysis allows fast processing. Metra Martech has considerable experience in this area.