Joint Venture and Acquisitions

Metra Martech has assisted European, American and Middle and Far Eastern organisations and investors in acquiring companies or joint venturing with suitable companies. There are several ways in which Metra Martech can help :

We have found that the companies that are actually for sale are seldom the best for the client's needs. A company not openly for sale may be identified where more mutual advantage, whether sale or joint venture can be generated.
Metra Martech determines with the acquiror/partner what is wanted and what can be offered as an inducement, and then searches systematically for the best fit. When target companies have been identified, their needs are studied too. The most successful deals are those where both sides gain extra advantage.
We examine against our check lists the reasons for selling or looking for partners as well as the rationale for acquiring.

How Good are the Opportunities?

A requirement for both acquisitions and new investments is an evaluation of the market. This will provide the facts needed before decisions are taken, for example :

When the acquiror is looking at opportunities outside his usual business, Metra Martech is able to advise on the candidate company position compared with the state of the art in the new business.

Many acquisitions have been unsuccessful because insufficient attention was paid to preliminary investigations :

Help with Managing New Ventures

Some acquisitions and new ventures become an integral part of the organisation buying them; in this case they may be readily assimilated by the management team. However, where integration is less complete, the holding company management may be relatively unfamiliar with the geographical area, or the industrial sector covered by its subsidiary or new partner. Here Metra Martech fact finding, based on wide business experience, can be particularly useful in assisting management to develop or review the business and marketing plans of the new subsidiary.

Metra Martech's Experience in Acquisition

Metra Martech has investigated firms for acquisition in many industries. The techniques involved require business experience and a knowledge of the sector. Metra Martech's 60 or more projects a year gives a broad view on many industries; projects have included, for example :

Acquisition work has been successfully carried out in Europe and North and South America and the Pacific Rim.