Leisure, Tourism and Sport

Metra Martech's experience in the Leisure sector has been very varied.

Projects have included for example :

  • Market analysis on the materials used, both commercially and domestically in flower arranging.
  • Several studies in the field of hand tools, both powered and not. In one of these, for example, we covered all of the main European markets and examined distribution, competition and trends. In another we looked at production centres.
  • Assessment of opportunity in DIY flooring, particularly in wooden floor types such as parquet.
  • Evaluation of the likely demand for special paviour bricks for garden and municipal applications.
  • Several studies in the area of location and demand for a proposed leisure facility.
  • Impact assessment and viability.
  • Several studies in the area of special material developments, in for example, skiing equipment, sailing, sports clothing etc.
  • An innovative sports product was assessed in a variety of commercial situations, with the aim of setting up agencies.
  • Some of our work has focused on the identification of target companies to acquire, and we have worked with banks as well as private companies as part of due diligence projects.
  • We have worked on the structure of the market, suppliers and supply channels in the fitness club market (UK), and in the area of recreational club franchises (USA).
  • Work for The Fitness Industry Suppliers Association examined their members' needs.
  • A project on Sports Equipment assessed the client's standing in the market and demand for new technical development.
  • A project on Home Fitness in Europe has examined the use and demand for exercise equipment.

  • Conference centres and Exhibitions
  • Theme Parks
  • Waterborne recreation
  • Early work in Metra's history included Brighton Marina and waterways as a leisure attraction.
  • In other work we have examined the newspaper and magazine markets in relation to the development of electronic media.
  • In a major project, Metra Martech carried out a pre-feasibility study for a planned World Sea Centre on the French Mediterranean coast. This involved discussion and scoping the elements, which included academic, scientific, industrial, leisure and tourist components. The project was directed at identifying likely interested participants, quantifying demand and setting up preliminary revenue calculations.
  • In another major study, funded by the European Commission, Metra Martech described and assessed the communication of science to the public. This involved discussions with a variety of government, broadcasting, museum and event organisers throughout Europe. The work included assessments of numbers exposed, subjects covered, public reaction and acceptance of information etc. A brief summary was published in Science in Parliament magazine.
  • Sports equipment and sports facilities have also featured in Metra's work, with for example a recent study examining energy use and conservation in sports centre buildings.