Life Siences and Medical

One of Metra Martech's areas of speciality is in marketing projects, which cover research products, medical products and diagnostics and laboratory equipment.

Studies are undertaken in the UK, Continental Europe, USA and many other countries worldwide.
Project experience includes :

Research Products/Biotechnology :

  • The market for labelled antibodies in research and clinical applications.
  • Nucleic acid research techniques in the UK, France and Germany. Study of products used and future trends.

Medical and Diagnostic:

  • Trends for day case surgery ascertained from anaesthetists with minimum five years experience. Nine European countries.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: a study to identify countries outside Western Europe and North America with innovative pharmaceutical industries, in order to assess their potential as customers for contract research.
  • Several projects on prosthesis and implant materials.
  • Customer satisfaction survey for a supplier of equipment and consumables into the medical laboratories.

Equipment :

  • Gas chromatography. Market by end use sector - universities, research centres, chemical and pharmaceutical companies (research and quality control). Current park suppliers and suppliers image.
  • Medical diagnostic imaging and cardiovascular implants in six European countries.
  • Testing of product concepts for development of an "automated microbiology laboratory".


  • World market potential for a new teaching aid for teaching human anatomy based on a fully interactive video disc system. Target markets included under-graduate and post-graduate medical students, nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists, dentists.

Industrial :

  • Bacterial assay methods in the German food industry.
  • Study of the potential for biotechnology techniques in the horticultural industry in Europe and Turkey. This study covered the application of tissue culture techniques, bacterial inoculation etc., for improved breeding, propagation and growth of vegetables, fruit and non-edible horticultural products.
  • The world market for industrial enzymes.