Metra Martech has a useful background in the marine field and the project examples below show the type of work we are used to carrying out.

Deck Winches : Discussions with operators around the world about their use of cranes, diversification of needs and satisfaction with suppliers.

Unloading Screws: These systems are used in grain and bulk powder ship holds. There are several systems with rather different characteristics. Our project involved discussions with operators and shore based operators about trends and needs.

Desalination: Customer satisfaction with suppliers. (World)

Water/Oil Separators: Technical trends and customer satisfaction. (World)

Large Diesel Engines: Shipyard, designers' and operators' views, trends and performance.

Bow Thrusters: Three main systems are offered, particularly for tankers and ferries. Our project was to (i) measure satisfaction with the systems (ii) assess the demand for the client's system in new vessels. Particularly driven by the need for manoeuvrability of very large vessels.

Steerable Main Propulsion Units: Tugs use these systems. Metra's project involved discussions with owners and operators about future needs and views on suppliers.