Marketing Audit

The Metra Martech Audit is a systematic examination of marketing objectives, strategies, organisation, resources (including people) and performance. Its primary purpose is to identify neglected marketing activity and under-utilised marketing resources and from this to generate recommendations for ways in which more effective use may be made of these resources.

The audit may not only be concerned with how effectively marketing activity functions in the areas of promotion and distribution. It may also question the organisation's choice of market position, which will be dictated by broader corporate strategy.

The Audit provides the following types of information. The level to be provided will be determined by the use to which it will be put and the resources available.

  • An inventory of the organisation's existing marketing resources, assets, skills and competences.
  • A statement of the marketing needs and problem areas as defined by top and middle managers.
  • A review of the position with respect to customers, competitors, suppliers and other external groups that exert an influence.
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in the area of marketing.
  • An evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the current marketing activities.
  • An inventory of the marketing resources, assets, skills and competences which are revealed as deficient or likely to be needed to meet new market conditions.
  • Recommendations as to a course of action by means of which to acquire the desired marketing approach and expertise.
With these broad aims in mind, Metra Martech uses special check lists, but we work very flexibly within these guidelines.