The work is very varied - it includes aspects of recycling, environmental and energy conservation, production costings, and substitution.
Three project outlines which follow provide examples.

1. Viability of a New Process :
The client had developed a new advanced material variant which offered cost savings if production levels could be increased. Metra Martech interviewed a selection of users (at the new lower cost level) to gauge the likely uptake. The result was that the new costing was found to be insufficiently low to attract new applications. The project was declared non-viable.

2. Customer Satisfaction :
The client is a word class advanced material provider. The Metra Martech team interviewed users around Europe (in local languages) to find out what was needed and where and how the client could gain competitive advantage.

3. Advanced Composites in Aircraft :
The client used the Metra Martech team to quantify demand :

  • from analysis of structural components in existing airframes, and
  • from discussion with the major builders and operators.

Operators are involved because maintenance of new materials is sometimes a problem, particularly in remote airfield sites.

4. Recycling :
Various projects have examined the need to recycle, the viability and the alternative materials available.

Metra Martech has a number of databases on European Centres of Activity. One of these is concerned with the development of Advanced Materials.