Media, Message and Identity

Many Metra Martech projects are involved in the "decision making unit". A great deal has been written about how decisions are made in industry and commerce, but there is still much that is not understood and each buying situation presents its own quirks even if within a general overall pattern.

Metra Martech project work on this subject has addressed points such as
Different decision situations:

  • Major purchase/investment/relocation of an occasional nature
  • Frequent on-going purchases
  • Technical team involvement - the specifiers
  • Purchasing team involvement - the gatekeepers
  • Strategic team involvement - the selectors.

Information sources and different decision timescales :

  • Need to be aware. How to make the buyer aware
  • Need to keep up-to-date. How buyers keep up-to-date
  • Data that forms the basis for easy decisions when the decision time comes
  • Introducing new concepts that by-pass existing decision units.

Practical involvement in Metra Martech projects has meant :

  • Finding out which sources of information are used
  • Checking recall and awareness at different levels, and pre and post campaign measurement
  • Obtaining pre-advertising reaction to different concepts
  • Assessing global/cross boundary messages and media
  • Comparing the success of PR and advertising in terms of quantity and quality of reporting. This is often part of competitor profiling
  • Developing a need profile through focus groups or interviewing so that the promotion message addresses a real need.