Oil and Gas

The projects in this sector have included some pure marketing studies and others which required considerable technical depth.

Well Logging :

  • The market for a resistivity tool close to the bit
  • The prospects for the growth of slimhole drilling and its impact on requirements for logging tools
  • Studies on paleomagnetism, acoustic emission tools, cross well seismics and electromagnetic propagation
  • Customer and Employee Attitude study (Worldwide)

Fluids Control :

  • Future developments for mud and associated services
  • Oil Based Muds

Services :

  • HVAC maintenance services to offshore installations
  • Saudi Arabian Market for oil industry supply warehouse service

Offshore Installations :

  • Upgrades of drilling and pumping equipment needed on the next generation of MODUs in the North Sea
  • Opportunities in offshore maintenance

Pipelines :

  • Anti corrosion protection and thermal insulation on linepipe
  • Scada systems in oil production and gas pipeline

Drilling :

  • World markets for offshore engineering
  • Monitoring systems for subsea wellhead operations
  • Draw works equipment for well work over rigs