Packaging and Machinery

Packaging experience has been gained from three viewpoints, material characteristics and advances, production processes and distribution needs.The types of projects that we have been involved in are :

Fruit Packaging
From the grower to the consumer. Special needs at each level of handling, transit, display and carry home.

Plastic Films
Comparison of characteristics and assessment of demand for developing properties. The work included discussion on shelf life needs, barrier properties, print clarity and recycling.

Alternative Materials
PET vs Glass vs Cans, bag in box etc. - a wide range of projects.

Thermo-form and Injection Moulding
Several projects have examined the benefits and the reasons for adoption of different solutions within the European Markets.

Distribution Trends
A Key factor in transit packaging. Projects have examined the trend in size and location of retailers, their stock and handling practices.

Packaging Processes
Aerosols, pump packs, MAP, aseptic packs, UV sterilisation, disinfectants, irradiation and other specialist areas for packaging have been studied.

A wide range of machinery has been studied, from form-fill-seal to can closing.
Food, confectionery, pharmaceuticals and industrial product packaging have been assessed. The aspect of shelf life mentioned above has been allied to fresh produce as well as processed food. We are not involved in package design as such, but can call on experts to assist if required.

Coatings and Treatment
Coatings are a common theme in many of the projects concerned with materials and the big users markets (Cars, Building, Food).

White Goods
Trends in pre-coated steel.

Relating to solvent and water-based cleaning - which is driven by legislation as well as the coating process to be used.

Timber Treatment
Solvent and aqueous also appear here and we have experience in this field.

Alternative Materials
eg Plastic vs Aluminium vs Hard - Soft wood in window construction.

Automotive and other Metal Finishes
Here we have looked at a variety of new paint systems. (Office furniture etc.)

Plastic Finishes
Stovable, plating, recyclable etc. several projects have dealt with this area of technology.

Package Safety
In a major study, Metra Martech examined the statistics behind accidents caused by packaging. The results have been used by the IGD in their further work.

Dairy Products
A European image study for a major equipment supplier.

Safety and Tamper Systems
An accident analysis.

Labelling Initiatives
How to provide consumers with valuable extra data. Metra Martech has worked with ETSU on surface cleaning and for example with the British Coatings Federation.