Pulp and Paper

Metra Martech work in the Pulp and Paper industry started with work on sizing for a Swedish Chemical company in the mid-1970s.
This was followed by a joint venture project on paper chemicals with the (then) BIS company.

Since then a large variety of work has been carried out for clients.

This has covered subjects such as :

  • Change in technology in the process :
  • neutral sizing
  • demand for long life paper (archives)
  • chlorine free bleaching

  • User technology changes (printing, packaging, etc.)
  • Environment (recycling waste etc.), and
  • Customer satisfaction at the level of :
  • pulp buyer
  • merchant
  • converter, and
  • end user.

Paper studies have included, for example, kraftliner, printings and writings, corrugated, specially coated and impregnated paper, magazine paper and newsprint.

Peripheral studies have examined :

  • trends in distribution (related to the need for corrugated cases)
  • retail display (related to the use of trays, display packs, etc)
  • competitiveness in packaging
  • development of offset litho
  • laser printing
  • the future of newspaper readership
  • various studies on pumps, filters, maintenance systems etc.