Sales and Services Away from Home

Most suppliers have trouble in managing their regional or overseas offices.

Most overseas (and many regional) offices see Head Office as a source of capital funds and ideas. There is often, however, a conflict between the perceptions of head office remoteness and expenses - "They don’t know what is going on" and a reluctance to provide information "why do they keep asking questions?"

Most overseas offices (and many regional ones) hide detail from their Head office.

This is not a guess - remember we carry out 50 or so studies on the subject each year.

Most of our work is carried out by our London based team (in the relevant languages if the market demands it). This allows multi-region or multi-country studies, which do not pose a threat to the local offices, but do provide benchmarks and do open up and enhance objective assessment to the local situation.

Typically our approach involves market research with customers and internal group discussions with senior staff.

The benefit is cross-fertilisation of ideas and more genuine co-operation within the organisation.