Services Sector Projects

Procurement, advisory and information technology other services have been the subject of Metra Martech's work.

Project examples include :

  • Membership survey - several for institutions and associations, trends and needs.
  • Assessing the opportunities for an interest group within a professional institution (RICS).
  • Short listing companies as acquisition targets for a distribution company.
  • Customer needs from a major transportation services provider.

  • Front and back office systems in banking, allied to cash handling services and security (UK, EC, USA).
  • Monitoring customer demands related to stock holding levels.
  • Central control systems software, for mobilisation of emergency services.
  • Provision of contract staff for engineering companies.

  • Contract provision of clothing and equipment in clean working situations.
  • Cleanroom services.
  • Assessment of opportunity for types of water treatment and related back-up :
  • Potable water
  • industrial
  • swimming pools etc.

  • Safety equipment and service provision.
  • Quantification of demand - boiler maintenance.
  • Outsourcing of telephone services.
  • Construction plant - project work on funding, choice, systems and trends.
  • Contract types and opportunities in project management.
  • Evaluation of sites for a central storage unit - based on supplier and user location needs.
  • Project management success and problems factors.
  • EC Directives on public sector procurement and the effect on contractors.