Steel Sector

Metra Martech has wide experience in the Steel Sector at both producer and end user levels, as well as on the question of capacity and quotas, some example projects follow.

I. Market Monitoring

  • A quarterly monitor of UK consumers of a structural section to obtain a leading indicator of demand.

II. Export Opportunities

  • Distributors' and consumers' views in three regions of USA on a structural steel section.
  • The market for large open die forgings and castings in Mexico and USA.
  • Wire and Wire products in Far East, Middle East and USA.
  • Opportunities for a proposed new integrated flat products producer in the Middle East, with a special emphasis on neighbouring markets in the Middle East and East and Central Africa.
  • A review of the world supply and demand for Stainless CR sheet and opportunities in USA, Canada, Mexico and China.
  • A review of strategic options for a Hungarian Steel Producer.
  • Analysis of the movement of steel products within Europe.

III. Customer Perception Studies

  • Reversing mill plates - views of consumers and distributors in the UK and Northern Europe.
  • A structural section - views of leading distributors in the UK.
  • Water and gas tubes - views of leading distributors in the UK.