Studying People and Staff Surveys

Metra's work in Attitude Studies began in the early 1980s, in the field of company acquisition. The questions posed in this sort of study are :

  • Who are key staff ?
  • What motivates them ?
  • How will they react to change ?

This has been extended to include a variety of work on :

1. Development of Quality Standards and recognition of Customers' needs.
2. Attitudes to change - in a current study the Metra role is to measure the views of people at all levels and to

This type of new activity work has, for example, been used with one of the Water Authorities pre-privatisation and another after privatisation :

Introduction of New Technology entrenched positions and barriers to change.
Attitudes to authority - this type of work, for example, examines the views of people at various levels to goals, strategies and tactics.

Other 'People Studies' have explored holidaying habits and leisure pursuits, use and abuse of automatic payment systems for electricity gas etc, use of credit cards...

Clients include : Industry, Government and Public Services.