Telecommunications and Network

Metra Martech's internal staff and Associates have specialist skills in most aspects of modern national and international telecommunication.

Telecoms market research projects have been carried out in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Scandinavia and the Middle East. Elements of Telecoms Services have also been studied in USA and Japan.

Our skills and experience enable us to offer a broad range of market analysis and consultancy services for the marketplace, including :

  • Supplier strategies for telecommunications hardware and software
  • Strategy studies for the development of corporate communications
  • Communications system modelling and requirements analysis
  • Advice and support for system suppliers
  • Advice and support to communications users needing compatibility with international standards
  • Implementation and migration strategies, including use of private and public networking services
  • Intra company network management
  • Voice/data integration, including shared private circuits, ADSL/XDSL
  • Users' needs and perceptions of services available
  • Users' awareness of new developments
  • E-Commerce and Portals
  • Enterprise systems
  • Switch monitoring systems and services.