Metra's work in the textile sector has been varied and over a long period.

  • Early projects examined the use of nylon in applications such as bedsheets, curtains and drapes and carpets. These were Pan-European studies examining the potential for substitution and the likely reaction by, for example, the Woollen sector or Rayon producers.
  • Studies in Cellulose and Rayon have assessed use and potential.
  • Upholstery fabrics - European demand and channels of sale.
  • Net, lace and embroidery have been the subject of recent work.
  • Industrial fabrics such as firewall curtains, reinforcement fabrics, building sector fabrics and membranes, filtration, tyre cord and environmental fabrics have been the subject of Metra's work too.
  • Machinery and processes have also been assessed from a variety of angles. In a recent study the use of alternative fuels in dryers was studied. The production of non wovens has been examined on several occasions and water uses and wastewater technology have involved Metra in the dyeing and finishing side of the industry.
  • Metra's focus is industrial and commercial rather than fashion and retail. Often it is related to export markets, and we have an excellent language team as well as a great deal of direct and peripherally relevant market knowledge and experience.