Four main areas of our transportation work include, Vehicles, Systems, Facilities/Infrastructure, Strategies.

Examples of Metra Martech work in these areas :

1. Vehicles

  • Use of Plastics and Advanced Materials
  • Use of Steel
  • Recycling
  • Tyre Materials and Off-Road systems
  • Turbo Chargers etc - Use of Advanced Systems
  • Electrics - Distribution Systems
  • Several Studies on Heavy Vehicles - Off-Road Vehicles
  • Vehicle Certification

2. Systems

  • Spares Distribution - taking advantage of the EC Directives on Harmonisation to reduce variety and number of stock points
  • Mobility Systems - Fire and Ambulance Call and Deployment
  • Traffic Signals
  • Parking Systems
  • Development of Lighting Systems
  • Telecommunication needs and practices within transportation and distribution

3. Facilities and Infrastructure

  • Comparison of Funding for Infrastructure Projects - USA/Germany/France
  • Road Building Materials - Demand and Supply
  • Services Provided by TRL
  • Several Studies on Air Freight, Choice of Route and Provider
  • Several Studies on Road/Rail/...Choice
  • Development of Concept for the Concorde replacement
  • Demand for Small Jet/Turbo Jet Transport, Building on deregulation experience from the USA.

4. Strategic and Tactics

  • The on-going effects of deregulation
  • Carriers' services and customers' choices
  • Acquisitions and joint venture

The deregulation experience focused on new industry structures and thus new needs for equipment. Specifically Metra Martech has worked in the Airline sector, in buses and coaches, and in freight transport.

Carriers' Services - Metra Martech work has related to choice of carrier satisfaction with the service etc. We have also been involved in concept testing for vehicle types.

Acquisition and joint venture work may start with assessment of the potential for product development internally. If organic growth is insufficient to meet targets, acquisition or joint venture searches may be carried out using screening criteria agreed with the client. Once candidates have been identified Metra Martech also carries out due diligence work on the product/service and market potential.