Metra Martech work in the Public Sector and the privatised Utilities has been diverse.

Here are some examples :

  • For a Water Company: Development of long list ideas for diversification based on
  • (i) discussion with the key staff
  • (ii) market research at a primary level with interested users and customers in the industrial sector.

  • More specific studies on some of these subject areas.
  • Research into the viability of Industrial Electricity Generation on site with the key part of the analysis related to overload and underload flexibility costs.
  • Project analysis of new filtration techniques for industry to reduce effluent while increasing output and minimising dewatering etc. processes.
  • Several projects on pipelines, irrigation etc.
  • Development of a database of key OEM customers of machinery manufacturers that use gas or electricity.
  • Flue gas analysis and purification methods - related to incineration.
  • Water treatment companies and methods in a world wide project to examine potential for consultancy and equipment opportunity
  • See also Metra Martech experience in Energy and Environment.

See also Metra Martech experience in Energy and Environment.