Metra Martech projects have approached the subject from both the market side and the technical perspective.
Peter Gorle the Managing Director comes from an aeronautical background which has led to a series of Aerospace projects such as :

  • The use of composite materials in European aircraft and in sub-assemblies manufactured in Europe for American companies.
    The project involved short term forecasting for numbers of aircraft types to be built.

  • Conversion of military observation technology to civilian use.

  • Assessment of opportunity in the aircraft maintenance field

  • Assistance in setting up an agency network in the defence field.

  • Assessment of a small commercial aircraft with a view to recommendations on a manufacturing licence.

  • Alternative airport siting.

  • Formation of an airport services export group.

  • Hazard chemicals at the work place.

  • Executive views on a Concorde replacement.

  • A variety of studies on choice of airline.

  • Overview of the effects of deregulation.

  • Centres for maintenance of large aircraft.

  • Opportunities in airport refuelling.

  • Airside/Runway vehicles such as snow sweepers.