Metra Martech is not tied to any one analysis system and we adopt a practical approach to the cost/benefit of lengthy procedures.
We have experience in most of the mathematical analysis techniques.
These include, for example :

  • cluster and groupings
  • conjoint and trade off
  • predictive modelling
  • price elasticity modelling
  • segmentation
  • statistical verification of confidence limit

Metra Martech work is constantly involved in creating and interpreting data. The nature of market research, forecasting and viability assessment is that very flexible databases are continuously being created and manipulated.

Clients sometimes find that they lack this skill. We can provide it, quite separately from normal Metra Martech project work.

The techniques and presentation methods change constantly as equipment and programs become more powerful.


The data is often dense and complex. Careful graphics make it useable. Metra Martech uses a variety of layouts to suit the situation. These include snakes, spiders, comparative bars in two and three dimensions as well as traditional graphs, pies etc.