Metra Martech's projects in this diverse sector have included a variety of projects such as :

  • Assessment of new plastic materials for use in body panels - with an in-depth examination of the recycling questions and trends.
  • Comparison of sources of funds (private and public sector/Government investment).
  • Stock policy - central stocking to take advantage of the reducing EC barriers. This was a pan European study for a major car company and examined both vehicle and spare parts.
  • Image of a range of car makers (marques) related to actual experience of users.
  • Off-road and special truck systems, bodies, hydraulics etc.
  • Tanker trucks and dual purpose vehicles.

We have examined aspecs of maintenance, spares and accessories.

In one project we examined the fleet and private buyers views on maintenance methods and charging. In another, the demand for independent technical facilities such as crash testing and development of on board electronics.

In a recent project we assessed the automotive filters market (air fuel and oil, as well as cabin air). The aim was to identify changes in the car producers practices covering manufactured and brands of parts as well as the technology changes such as in-block filters etc. (Worldwide)
In a another recent project we examined the use and supply of pressed parts for automotive construction. (Worldwide).
Other automotive projects have included :

  • Manufacturing costs and sourcing :
  • New processes
  • Power steering
  • Tyre systems
  • Electrical wiring systems
  • Route finding
  • Aspects of safety
  • Quality of maintenance facilities, and the customers' expectation:
  • Maintenance and billing systems
  • Special tools for maintenance
  • Paint systems
  • Metal pressings
  • Metal preparation (cleaning etc.)