The Metra Martech team is working in industry. Market research through to training and planning is carried out. Seven typical project types are described below.

Studies and Surveys

General descriptions are made of market size, trends, market segments, major players, distribution patterns, pricing structure etc. These studies are tailor-made to provide the exact type of information you require. They form the basis for planning, targets, new investment and the development of business in new markets.

Market Opportunity Studies

New venture/R&D to market, a combination of the above and an analysis of specific areas of opportunity. These are often related to new or emerging markets, distribution channels, or technology. Practical action plans are developed so that full advantage is taken of the opportunities identified.

Customer Relations and Benchmarking

Particularly relevant for companies in competitive fast moving technologies, Metra Martech's Image studies assess how your organisation compares with the competition on the key choice criteria. They pin point areas where improvements lead to increased sales. Customer Care programmes are developed from this work which ties in with Quality.

Acquisition Studies and Joint Venture

Metra Martech assists in finding companies to acquire. These projects can vary from simple lists of companies operating in particular markets, to in-depth analyses of target companies by extensive research and interviewing.

Technical Assessments

Concepts and research programmes are tested on customers without disclosing the source. This anonymous testing creates few ripples in the market for competitors to monitor, and helps to produce fully commercial products.


We help in identification of agents or distributors in new territories. This would normally comprise the identification of potential candidates from discussions with users/specifiers, interviews with the most likely partners and meetings with a short list in conjunction with the client.

Database Management

Metra Martech analyses your customer data to prioritise customers, identifies segments, plans marketing and service initiatives.

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